Christopher Bruns

Christopher S. Bruns

Picture of Me

Bachelors in Computer Engineering with an interest in Embedded Systems

Graduated North Dakota State University

Current Jobs

AOI at All Flex Solutions

Merchandiser at Total Wine and More

Past Work


Warehouse Associate

May 2022 - August 2022

• Worked independently while going above and beyond daily requirements

• Demonstrated supervisor skills by helping others with machine maintenance, maintaining productivity within the workforce, and answering questions if tasks not understood

• Efficiently maintained an accelerated speed to effectively complete customers deadlines; 300 products sorted per hour with under 2 errors; several weekly Top Performer honors


Order Picker

June 2021 - April 2022

• Attention to detail while carefully constructing several pallets daily

• Kept an accelerated speed to effectively complete customers’ orders timely

● Developed organizational skills while performing inventory control daily

● Trained in multiple departments such as produce, meat/dairy, freezer, and grocery

● Trusted to work independently

● Daily safety checks on equipment to ensure reliability

● Stayed until all jobs were complete for the day


Package Handler

June 2018 - September 2020

● Attended daily meetings about information for the day and safety topics

● Trained with large machinery around aircraft

● Helped train employees and answer any questions about operations

● Cooperated and communicated effectively with a large team

● Stayed until all jobs were completed for the day

● Took on additional responsibility with moving to Full Time such as preparing for the next shift

Picture Perfect Landscaping


June 2017 - August 2017

● Attended daily meetings about jobs for the day and safety topics

● Help create landscaping designs to customer satisfaction

● Maintain and/or fix landscaping

● Work 12+ hours per day

Get Pressed Dry Cleaning


June 2015 - August 2017

● Tag and sort incoming clothing

● Help set up delivery routes with correct orders

● Reconcile till every day

● Help other employees with training/questions

Holiday Stationstore


March 2014 - August 2015

● Stock merchandise

● Regularly rotate food from heaters and throw out old/outdated products

● Reconcile till, clean, and provide machine maintenance daily

The Commons on Marice


June 2013 - March 2014

● Clean Dishes with industrial dishwasher

● Help set up buffet and keep trays filled

● Clean kitchen at the end of the night

Cookie Dough on a Stick

Cashier/Food Prep

August 2011 - August 2017

● Seasonal county fair

● Make frozen cookie dough to customer satisfaction

● Help restock when running low on food/supplies

● Work independently for 10+ hours

Skills and Tools

C C++ Python
Java Javascript Assembly
Visual Basic VHDL Soldering
PIC microcontroller Matlab Oscilloscope
Raspberry Pi Multimeter Microsoft Office Suite